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New program helping Texans save money on prescription drugs

The rising cost of prescription drugs, fuel and groceries is putting some Central Texans in a bind.

But there may be help thanks to a program new to Texas that will give everyone a discount on their medications.

Representatives with the Texas Drug Card say Texans can save between 30 and 75 percent on almost all prescription drugs just by filling out a form online.

The card is designed to help the under-insured and uninsured but anyone can apply. Major pharmacies like Walgreens, CVS and HEB as well as some independent pharmacies will accept the card.

Officials say the card can be used on 95 percent of all generic and brand name drugs and is expected to save Texans millions of dollars annually.

"The statistics speak for themselves. The program's up and running in about 20 states and it saved Americans, uninsured Americans, almost $100 million on prescription drugs thus far." Texas RX Card Program Director Reed Dickens said.